About ICS-CSIRT.io


You can contribute to this site by opening a Github issue or submitting a pull request.


Who is ICS-CSIRT.io?

I started ICS-CSIRT because during my freelance work in ICS environments I noticed that there's a lack of sharing actionable information beteen OT operators and IT staff.

The goal of ICS-CSIRT is to build a community of defenders that can support ICS staff in protecting their networks and responding to incidents if they occur.

Are you linked to ICS-CERT?

ICS-CSIRT.io is not linked to ICS-CERT or any other governmental or commercial CSIRT.

How can I contribute?

Use Github issues or pull requests.

Is ICS-CSIRT.io free?

Yes, all information is free. This also includes access to MISP and OpenCVE. On-site incident response for ICS is not part of this deal though.

Do you provide on-site incident response for ICS?

Yes, depending on your requirements and urgency.

Terms and Conditions

Traffic Light Protocol

By default, all data on this site is TLP:White. If exceptions apply then they are explicitely mentioned.